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Are streetcars down the road in Calgary?

Calgarians have heard the idea before and now City Council will be getting a major report on a potential streetcar system.

It’s all part of the Route Ahead Strategy, aimed at implementing infrastructure and transportation over the next 30 years.

Alderman John Mar says the system used in big and mid-sized cities has gained support from the Beltline Community Association and business revitalization zones.

He tells 660News that obviously finances are a hurdle, but it’s a much cheaper system than the traditional LRT.

“They’re individual cars, they’re not tied to each other so we don’t need four to do a line, we only need one,” he said. “The stations themselves, they’re really just a sign at the side of the road rather than an elevated platform.”

Mar adds he likes the idea of streetcars not just for mobility, but also for redevelopment potential.