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Crews respond to Freon leak at South Costco

Fire crews were on scene early Saturday morning at South Costco on Heritage Gate Southeast after a mechanical failure led to a refrigeration gas leak.

Crews were called around 5:00 a.m. Saturday to the 140, 000 square foot warehouse when a large amount of Freon leaked into the air.

Battalion Chief Larry Fisher tells 660News, Freon is a colourless heavier than air gas with a faint sweetish odour and is considered a respiratory irritant.

“In high concentrations it can be a problem but there is no danger right now because of the low concentrations. There were no injuries at the time, we evacuated about 60 people very soon into the incident,” says Fisher. “Right now, we’re just getting those levels down so we can re-occupy.”

The Costco staff were allowed back in to the warehouse at 9:30a.m. after crews determined the area was safe for reoccupation.