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Lovers and singles told to keep their valentines expectations in check

The Calgary Counselling Centre is offering a little relationship advice ahead of February 14th.

Those who are single are being encouraged to make plans to do something like go out for a cup of coffee, or take in a movie, instead of staying home and lamenting the fact they are not involved in a romantic relationship.

Kim Busch with the Calgary Counselling Centre is also encouraging couples to have a conversation ahead of Valentines to make sure you’re on the same page as far as expectations are concerned.

Busch tells 660News some her friends who used to work in the restaurant business dubbed Valentine’s as ” fight night ” in the industry, because arguments would often develop over the dinner table between so-called “happy, loving couples”.

She says the true meaning of Valentine’s is to share love with everyone, adding it’s more than just a card , flowers, dinner and trinkets.