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Premier Redford cancels planned pay increase for MLA's

Ahead of the tabling of the 2013 Alberta Budget provincial politicians are told they will have to make due with less.

Premier Alison Redford has announced she will use the Tory majority to quash a proposed April 1, 2013 pay increase for MLA’s.

Members of the legislature were to get a cost of living and housing allowance increases equal to about four percent of their salary.

The move will save taxpayers about a $1 million a year.

A political scientist at Mount Royal University calls the move mostly symbolic.

Duane Bratt tells 660News it looks Redford has taken a page out of Former Premier Ralph Klein’s playbook when he rolled back the pay of provincial politicians back in 1993.

Bratt says the wage freeze should serve as a warning to all Albertans’ that the next budget will contain deep spending cuts.

He also says the province can’t ask doctors and teachers to take less if elected officials are not doing the same.