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Calgary psychiatrist gets five years for sexually assaulting patients

Dr. Aubrey Levin, 74, was taken into custody moments after being sentenced to five years in jail for sexually molesting three patients.

Justice Donna Shelly sited the predatory nature, breach of trust and repetitiveness in all attacks which she confirmed could have happened at least 20 times total to three victims.

Two of three victims were present as the sentence was given, both visibly pleased with the result.

One of the victims who was going through chemotherapy for Leukaemia when he was molested by Levin told reporters, this sentence is not just for him but for the victims that have been silenced.

Justice Shelly told Levin he deserved an eight year sentence, but given his old age and various health conditions, the judge ruled five years was an adequate sentence for the geriatric.

The judge also cited the way Levin employed a strategy to sexually assault his patients, taking them as prey.

The defence was asking a sixty to ninety day sentence, so the ruling was a far cry from what they wanted.

Levin’s attorney says they do plan to file an appeal and a request for bail over the next couple of weeks, but at this point, the doctor is being sent to a federal prison to serve out his sentence.

Crown Attorney Dallas Sopko spoke briefly to reporters after the ruling.

He says he’s satisfied and it’s been a long time coming.