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Budgeting expert gives tips on how to penny pinch without missing out

Was your new year’s resolution to save your pennies?

Smart Cookies CEO and co-founder Sandra Hanna says the key to budgeting without missing out on the things you want to do, is to find ‘hidden money’ you already have.

Hanna tells 660News, you can even avoid extra trips to the grocery store, by making something out of the ingredients you do have.

“There’s a really cool website called supercook.com, and what it allows you to do is to plug in the ingredients that you already have in your home, and then it will spit out recipes for you. You will think you have the most obscure ingredients, and it will somehow find a recipe that you can make out if it.” She says.

Hanna says if you want to keep up your fitness, but want to save the money you’ve would’ve shelled out on a gym membership, there are lots of YouTube workout videos by real personal trainers that can help you get motivated.

She also suggests trying a ‘stay-cation’ this winter, instead of spending lots going away.

Hanna says a lot of hotels have a cheaper rate if you stay for the day and take advantage of the amenities, instead of a stay overnight.