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2013 about kindness, compassion and new beginnings

Expect big things in the coming year if you’re goal-oriented.

That from Numerologist Marishka Glynne who says the numbers show the coming year will be about compassion and new beginnings.

According to Glynne, when you add the numbers in 2013 together you get a six.

“Everybody in number six, it’s all about family, it’s balancing friends and family with work, it’s taking responsibility,” Glynne tells 660News. “Home is going to be very important.”

She says the loop at the bottom of the six signifies “pregnant with love” which is all about giving to others and giving to yourself.

The coming year will also be very prosperous for the goal-oriented.

“Whatever their goals are moving forward, the universe is going to help them achieve it,” she adds. “Not only because there is the one there because it makes them be leaders and brings them confidence but it also brings out the kindness.”

It’s not all light and rosy news though for 2013, she expects those without a plan will meander over the next 12 months.

“With every number there’s a positive and a negative and there has to be a balance,” she explains. “It will take them a longer time to get there because there’s energy in the world and if you go with that flow, you will get there easier and quicker.”

Glynne adds the numbers differ from 2012 because last year was about adventure and taking risks.