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Monterey Place workers reach six months on the picket line

Locked out workers at a senior care home in the northeast have reached half a year on the picket line.

Employees at Monterey Place continue to fight for higher wages and better benefits, standing outside in bitter cold temperatures.

Alberta Union of Provincial Employees Vice-President Karen Weiers said residents and their families often stop to show their support.

“We’re hearing stories about the quality of care that’s happening,” she said. “They’re not getting baths, their meds are being missed or late, so we’re hearing that over and over again.”

Jaswinder Dillon is one of the employees and said they miss the residents and just want to go back to their jobs.

“They miss us too,” She said. “They come out and say hi to us, and now it’s very cold, they can’t see us, and we can’t see them, and we feel bad.”

Weiers said it’s frustrating to see so many other deals reached, while they remain on the line.

“Workers want the same as what’s being given across the province, and it’s being subsidized, but it’s not being given here,” she said.

Employees say the government has been failing at their job, and needs to step in.

Calls to the Alberta Government have not been returned.