MADD Canada is getting set to pay tribute to victims of road crashes and their families on their 4th Annual National Day of Remembrance.

Denis Dubyk, the national president of MADD says it’s also a significant day for her family, who lost a member due to a drunk driver.

“We know that our loved one is amongst all those people that have been lost over the years and we all need to put a stop to this. Impaired driving is a huge percentage of the numbers we’re talking about,” says Dubyk.  

In Canada, nearly 2,200 people are killed and another 173,000 are injured in car crashes every year, a significant portion of which are due to drunk driving.

Dubyk adds the fact people still aren’t understanding the risks of drunk driving is frustrating.

“When we see the consequences of someone’s choice to get behind the wheel impaired, we have another family out there that’s hurting and it’s frustrating and discouraging and disappointing, but we keep hammering on. We certainly aren’t stopping what we’re doing,”  she says.