If you were parked near a blue sign with a snowflake overnight, you’re probably waking up with a ticket.

Or worse, your car could be towed.

A snow route parking ban has now been lifted, but a lot of drivers didn’t seem to know it was even in place.

The city says as of 10p.m. Sunday night, 348 tickets were handed out to vehicles parked along snow routes.

Officials waited until after Remembrance Day ceremonies to enact the ban, but it may have caused more confusion.

Miranda told 660News its hard getting back into the swing of things.

“I guess being the first or second major snowfall, I think everyone’s probably scrambling to see how it works or see the symbols, and it’s a bit confusing I have to admit.”

The city warns residents, be ready.

Another snow event can be declared if we see five centimetres of snow or more accumulate on Calgary’s streets.