Calgary Police are once again reminding residents to be diligent about protecting their belongings.

Staff Sergeant Frank Franks says there have been about 25 reports of minor thefts in the northern part of the city over the past five weeks.

“Most specifically in the communities of Panorama, Citadel, Edgemont, Coventry Hills, Hidden Valley, Harvest Hills, Hawkwood and Arbour Lake,” Franks tells 660News. “The victims were residents.  They wouldn’t lock their vehicles or the main entry door to their garages and subsequently it’s a crime of opportunity.”

Franks says with Christmas around the corner, now is a good time to make sure your valuables are properly protected.

“Not only at your residence, but I mean now with the holiday season fast approaching, whether you’re at the mall or visiting family and friends, always make sure that personal items, gifts like I say with the holiday season coming, are secured in your trunk,” he adds.

The string of thefts in north Calgary includes purses, cash and other items from unlocked garages and vehicles.