Harvey Locke wins the Liberal nomination for Calgary-Centre.

Locke received 213 votes to be the Federal candidate in Saturday’s vote, defeating Rahim Sajan (78), Steve Turner (10) and Drew Atkins (38).

Locke tells 660News he’s happy with the victory and just how competitive the race for the nomination was.

“The reason there were four candidates is there’s a tremendous sense of possibility right now in Calgary-Centre; Liberals are really feeling the wind in their sails. I’m very honoured that I had a decisive win but it was really exciting to see so much energy because we think we can win this by-election” said Locke

Locke recognizes the Liberals are the underdogs, but doesn’t believe they’re a long shot.

“Calgary-Centre is a very Liberal place; Calgary-Buffalo is a Liberal provincial seat and has been for a long time. Both Calgary-Currie and Calgary-Elbow have gone Liberal in the last 20 years. Those three ridings make up Calgary-Centre so we are competitive already, right now in the riding” said Locke.

Since the launch of the riding in 1968, the Liberals have never held this seat.

There’s no set date for the by-election to fill the vacancy created in early June by Lee Richardson.