It was a billion dollar court decision with multi-billion dollar ramifications for the smart-phone market.

Late Friday, a jury in the United States ruled in favour of Apple in it’s fight against Samsung.

Samsung stock saw the biggest one day tumble in four years, Monday, and Apple is trading at a record.

It was a decisive victory for Apple, with the San Francisco jury ruling Samsung infringed on six out of seven Apple patents in question.

The jury forman, a technology expert, said the tipping point was an memo from Google to Samsung warning it to steer clear of Apple designs.

A hearing is now scheduled for next month to consider Apple’s request for a ban in the United States for some Samsung smart phones and tablets.

The verdict may also delay Samsung’s introduction of new products for a redesign of certain features.

Samsung stock has plunged eight per cent in South Korean trading. That is a loss of $12-billion in market value.

Apple has gained as much as two-and-a-half per cent to a record $682 per share.  
Nokia, which may gain smartphone marketshare from Samsung, is up by 10 per cent.