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Experienced pilot dead after crash north of Lloydminster

One person is dead following an ultralight plane crash just north of Lloydminster.
The cause of is unknown at this point.  
Around 8:30 Sunday night, the pilot was conducting “touch and go” take off and landing practice from a private airfield just north of the city.

RCMP Sgt. Jamie Hubbert says around 11:20 Monday morning they got a call from the pilot’s family.

“The family had initially reported the deceased as overdue, they weren’t sure whether he had had mechanical issues and had to set down somewhere else,” he says. “So they (family members) attended to the property and began to look around and at that time, they observed the ultralight aircraft at the bottom of a ravine.”

The plane was found about 600 metres away from the property and Transport Canada is investing to try and figure out a cause.

Hubbert added the pilot was experienced.

“He’s had approximately 20 years of flying experience in single-engine aircraft, but he never had, to our knowledge anyway, never had any previous experience flying ultralight aircraft,” he explains.

An autopsy is planned for later this week in Edmonton.