If recent polls are correct everything is coming up Wildrose.

Survey after survey suggest the Wildrose party is poised to end 41 years of Tory rule in Alberta.

A political scientist at Mount Royal University says it appears the minds of voters are made up and it’s over for the PC’s.

However, Keith Brownsey tells 660News, Premier Alison Redford still has a little time to try and woo voters.

Brownsey says Redford needs to start attacking the Wildrose, pointing out most of its members come from the ranks of disgruntled Tories.

He says voters really need to take a look at the Wildrose policy book and see if it’s what they want for the province moving forward.

Brownsey also questions the resume of Wildrose leader Danielle Smith, saying she has no real political experience and before taking over the party had trouble keeping a job longer than 18 months.

Marc Henry with ThinkHQ says with just over two weeks left in the campaign, it’s Premier Redford who he says is the Tories best asset needs to make a lot of noise, while poking holes in the Wildrose.