Phil Hall is still finding it hard to believe that he is now an award winning writer.

The 58 year old Perth, Ontario, poet has been named one of the 14 winners of the Governor General’s Literary Awards for Killdeer, his book of essay poems.  

He says just the nomination was a phenomenal honour but the win itself is overwhelming.

“It was very, very moving,” Halls tells 660News. “I’ve been deflecting it, but when you have to come out and give your thanks, I was going to cry.”

“This has been my goal,” adds Hall, noting that he’s been dreaming of such an honour since he was young. “I just wanted to be accepted as part of it, which includes Margaret Laurence and Al Priddy and James Rainey and EJ Pratt” (who) “won it first in ’37.  Many people who are my literary heroes in Canada, now I feel I’m in the same room as them.”

Hall is currently celebrating his win in Toronto, but plans to return to his home in Perth, Ontario, Wednesday, to start work on his next book.

“I write in the mornings,” he says. “So when I don’t have to be away doing something like this” (awards announcement) “that’s what I do.  We have wood stoves, so I’ve got wood to pile and the deer come around.  It’s good.”

Hall will be presented with his $25,000 prize and a specially bound copy of his book at an awards ceremony at Rideau Hall next Thursday.