The Calgary Police Service took over City Hall, Monday, lining the lobby with 16 informational tables and a display promoting crime prevention.

As part of its first ever Crime Prevention Day, the CPS wants people to know that the issue is a team effort and public involvement is crucial.

“Members of the public are out there everywhere,” says Acting Sergeant Stu Simpson.  “The police can only be certain places sometimes.  So when we can tap those eyes and ears, people phoning us, telling us what’s going on, we’re a much safer city.”

“We have a program called ‘Good Witness’ that’s available on our website and gives some very good information, very good tips, on how to be more observant,” adds Simpson on how the public can help police.

Simpson says you should never be self-conscious about calling in something suspicious.

Diane, a member of the public, says it’s nice to see our officers engaged with the public.

“I think it’s very good,” says Diane of the police service display at City Hall, adding it’s nice to see our officers engaged with the public. “These young police officers go in and help children so policemen can be their friends.”

When it comes to getting help, Acting Sergeant Simpson says police are not really looking at one particular region of the city because crime knows no borders.