The City of Calgary says cleaning up and repairing Olympic Plaza after the Occupy Calgary protesters could cost as much as $40,000.    
Still, the city has no plans to move in and remove the tents which have been set up for nearly two weeks now.    

The Emergency Management Agency’s Tom Sampson says he’s spoken to the city’s parks manager about the damage.

“He believes he’ll have to spend up to $40,000 in terms of some of the extra costs to get the cleanup done quickly, to repair the loam that’s been damaged, those sorts of things,” says Sampson.

Sampson adds, that they are consulting with their lawyers as to “when the Charter of Rights… overpowers the rights of the citizens of Calgary to use their free space and the cost that it incurs.”

There is clearly friction building between demonstrators at Olympic Plaza.

Police responded to the downtown camp on Wednesday night after reports alleging occupiers grew rowdy after consuming alcohol inside their tents.

This topic is certainly sparking lots of comments and questions on the 660News twitter feed.

One user questions “who pays for that? certainly not them.”

Another says it’s the “99 per cent who will have to pay”.

And yet another calls the occupy protestors “freeloading losers.”